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Morgan & Morgan is fighting to hold e-cigarette brand Juul accountable for not warning consumers about the nicotine and other potentially dangerous ingredients contained in its vaporizer oils. Juul and other e-cig brands have been steadily rising in popularity with kids and teens for years, and millions of middle- and high-school-age children have used these products at least once.

Juul contains more nicotine than most other e-cigarettes. Consuming this chemical can quickly cause a lifelong addiction and has been shown to have a variety of negative health effects, including:

  • Negatively affecting blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Promoting plaque buildup on artery walls, a potential cause of heart disease
  • Causing ulcers
  • Inducing psychological symptoms
  • Affecting mood

Nicotine addiction in and of itself is both harmful and costly. It creates a compulsion to keep purchasing and consuming expensive products that are dangerous to health, and it causes physical and mental pain whenever a user tries to break the addiction.

Children and teenagers are a lot more susceptible to forming an addiction because of their still-developing brains and are therefore a lot more likely to succumb to a nicotine addiction after even a short period of e-cigarette use. Juul may have not done enough to prevent non-adults from using its products and may have knowingly advertised to children and teens.


If you or a loved one used Juul prior to November 2018 and before turning 18 years of age, you may be eligible for compensation. Millions of non-adults may have formed a lifelong addiction and suffered other ill health effects due to their use of Juul, and if you or someone you know is one of them, we want to represent you.


Many people don’t smoke tobacco anymore, but the alternatives they’re using may turn out to be harmful in their own right. We’re holding a new generation of smoking brands and manufacturers accountable. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation to find out if you’re eligible for compensation.

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