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Join The Class Action Revolution!


So often it seems like the deck is stacked against everyday people. The media bombards us with news of corporate wrongdoing that results in little more than a slap on the wrist. Big banks make risky investments that go wrong, and taxpayers bail them out. Companies pollute the environment and pay a fine, while local residents bear the brunt of the toxins. Manufacturers bring to market harmful products, but instead of executives facing charges, they’re granted huge bonuses. The seeming impunity of big business can make individuals feel powerless, but you can fight back against corporate irresponsibility.

We recognize lawsuits are very expensive and very few people have the knowledge or resources to legally pursue corporate fraud when they are affected by it. Our business model empowers you to join a group of like-minded individuals who want to; fight corporate corruption, pursue justice, and share in the legal commissions along the way. You can become a Member of Peoples Legal Group and tap into these legal payouts for only $5 per month. However, people that are in a position to help further our cause financially by upgrading their membership, will receive a larger share of all legal commissions per lawsuit. The membership fees from our collective group enables PLG to; investigate real critical issues, share valuable information with our Members, prioritize our next class action lawsuit, file all the necessary paperwork, and fund the lawsuits. Membership fees are also allocated to; create public awareness of critical issues, organize peaceful protests, coordinate powerful demonstrations, and strategically pursue class action lawsuits.

Outsourcing the legal process to our network of highly qualified lawyers all across the country, empowers PLG with the resources to; investigate, identify and pursue new cases every day. It enables us to focus our attention on targeted marketing campaigns to find and recruit the real victim Plaintiffs who were affected in each case. Each class action lawsuit requires a list of Plaintiffs whose well-being has been compromised either; mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually. Typically, the more plaintiffs we sign up per lawsuit, creates more leverage for us in the court room, which can result in a larger financial settlement. The experience we gain from each case helps us maintain a very powerful network of Law Firms, Members and Plaintiffs.

Peoples Legal Group is committed to; engaging in many class action lawsuits, aggressively pursuing monetary damages, and changing core policies. Once we prioritize our united interests, we will legally pursue every critical issue on behalf of our organization, its Members, and Plaintiffs. We attack these critical issues through a systemic approach of; organizing peaceful protests, coordinating powerful demonstrations, and pursuing strategic class action lawsuits. This effective process forces the companies we sue, to pay attention and take our lawsuits seriously. Public demonstrations and protests that are properly staged, attract valuable media attention which help promote each case. This is one of the best ways to gain public support from the masses, and create the legal momentum necessary to; form, pursue, and win each class action lawsuit.

This ongoing process costs considerable money and resources to initiate and maintain, which is why we ask our Members to upgrade their membership level. All club Members have a legal stake in every class action lawsuit, and receive their fair share of legal commissions from any settlement where monetary damages are awarded.

Now is the time to stand together and fight a common enemy for the sake of our future, and generations to come. We want you to join us in making history, in addition to making money, as a Member of Peoples Legal Group!

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