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Peoples Legal Group is a human rights watchdog and legal activist group created to; take down corporate bad guys, improve the well-being of people, and make money in the process. Peoples Legal Group achieves this by; forming class action lawsuits, changing core policies, and aggressively pursue monetary damages.

Once we decide on which critical issue is worth pursuing next, PLG contracts the most qualified and experienced law firm in our network to handle each unique case. There are many factors that go into choosing which law firm is most qualified for each individual case, before we contract them. Once we select the best law firm for the case, PLG allocates money from membership fees to pay for ongoing legal work as each case progresses. As well as fund our proactive approach of peaceful protests and powerful demonstrations, to create exposure and gain public support.

Outsourcing the legal process to our network of highly qualified lawyers all across the country, empowers PLG with the resources to; investigate, identify and pursue many cases each year. It enables us to focus our attention on targeted marketing campaigns to find and recruit the real victim Plaintiffs who were affected in each case. Every class action lawsuit requires Plaintiffs whose well-being has been compromised either; mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually.

The valuable experience we gain from each case helps us maintain a very powerful network of law firms, Plaintiffs and Members. All club Members share in every class action lawsuit, and receive a fair amount of money from any victory where monetary damages are awarded.

Peoples Legal Group was formed to shine light on the corruption taking place by some of the world’s biggest corporations. The best way to eliminate evil is by exposing it to the general public. The people will have the power, once they decide they no longer want to be ruled by corporate greed. Using the legal system, we formulated a process for exposing corporate malpractice and holding companies accountable for compromising the well-being of “We The People”.

We Fight for Our Clients

As a human rights legal activist group, we have the good fortune of partnering with the best law firms and lawyers throughout America who share our drive for protecting the people, and passion for serving the public. We have an established network of top professionals that enables us to provide everything that a class action lawsuit requires to be successful. In addition to matching each Plaintiff with the most qualified legal team, we also coordinate peaceful protests, and stage powerful demonstrations to attract free media attention to each lawsuit. We are persistent and determined to get the best outcome in every case, for the Plaintiffs and for our club Members.



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